Strategic Leadership Advisory

Some believe that the future is unknown and too complex to be constructively determined with any real reliability. While there is some truth to this statements those who do not look at the past and peek around the corner are often the organizations



Unlike consulting the goal of advisory is to explore the challenge and understand all points that could help define the problem. Thus, helping to contribute to the strengthening the client's capacity to solve the problem. We build the relationship to act as an early warning about emergent issues. Advisory is especially helpful to users that are looking for the identification of the total issue that can lead to a more comprehensive solution vs. a consulting solution set looking for a problem to solve. When looking for an advisor, you should look for someone that is going to be able to take the time to be really invested into your types of problem sets that are uncommon in your industry.

Consultants tend to be able to solve for the most common problems advisors are there to there to help with the uncommon issues and provide the experience to help provide solid support in helping you get to an answer you need solved.

Typical advisory we conduct for our customers as the benchmarking, culture development, change management readiness, portfolio fitness/governance hygiene, third party cybersecurity audit, financial auditing, V&V of business and technical investments, and innovation and prototyping initiatives.

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